PFG “15 year Anniversary”

Client: Porsche Finance Group 

Digital Campaign/Print/Radio/BTL /Events

How can you creatively communicate a 15 year anniversary for a brand that facilitates mobility?

Based on the idea that each car sold represents millions of kilometers traveled together with clients, partners and employees alike, we created an integrated campaign in which, not only did we celebrate our experiences, but we also created anniversary offers for clients, gifts for children and events for dealers.

At the center of the communication was the anniversary microsite, through which we communicated the offer of “kilometers of gifts”, and through Gamification we managed to create a true brand experience. Thus, we rewarded clients, who chose to play “Kilometers Challenge” and traveled as many virtual kilometers as possible with the cars of the concern.

The anniversary campaign also included a number of events dedicated to the other targeted categories. This was communicated in digital, print, radio and BTL, being a real success with 235 000 views on microsites+10% engagement rate and participation in events over 90%.