MOL Romania “Exceed the Limits”

Client: MOL Romania

Advertising campaign/TV/ Print/Radio/ BTL/CSR

For MOL gas stations, we created one of the most complex and ambitious projects, namely the first brand campaign in Romania.

Around the concept “Exceed the Limits” we have developed a series of TV spots, a press campaign, but also events, all to convey the idea that MOL gives you the fuel to broaden your perspectives, to express yourself, to always continue try new things.

But we didn’t stop here. Because life would not mean much without music, movement or color, we organized for MOL the event called “Lands”, a fundraiser to support young artists. In addition, to increase awareness and, implicitly, the sales, we have done cross-promotion with their products, encouraged the gas station sellers to smile more often and even created a stand that we presented at the profile fairs.

The results of the campaign delighted us and made us proud that we also exceeded our limits, with 100,000 Euro raised from donations, +150% awareness and participation in events over 80%.