Fares “Counting cups”

Client: Fares

Advertising campaign/ Print/ Radio/ TV/Digital

How do you grow the popularity of a brand of natural teas in a world dominated by coffee and soft drinks?

Our solution was to encourage the tea’s consumption through a campaign aimed to reward those who choose to enjoy a healthy beverage and thus contribute to the increase of tea consumption in Romania, cup by cup.

On the online platform, specially created for the campaign, we invited Romanians, for a month, to register their Fares tea cup and possibly to share with us their favorite tea flavour.

We communicated the campaign in print, tv, radio and digital and we can proudly say that at the end of the project we counted 55,000 Fares tea cups consumed by Romanians. In addition, the campaign recorded over 175,000 online views, +100% awareness and +10% interaction on social media.

As a result of this campaign, together with Fares we created and implemented in Orăștie, the Festival of the Chamomile – the most loved tea by the Romanians. A full day of tastings, games and contests, shows, concerts and interaction with Fares products, all in a freshly picked chamomile setting.

Vino la Festivalul Mușețelului la Orăștie!

Sâmbătă, 3 iunie vino la Orăștie să sărbătorim împreună cel mai iubit ceai Fares de către români la Festivalul Musetelului! Am pregătit ateliere de creație, concerte cu artiștii tăi preferați, degustări de ceai și multe alte surprize!Te așteptăm să ne vizitezi, acasă la Fares: http://bit.ly/FestivalulMuseteluluiO zi de voie bună și sărbătoare, între prieteni!

Publicată de Fares pe Vineri, 19 mai 2017