Audi Neversea

Client: Audi Romania

Advertising campaign/Digital/Event/POSM

How do you integrate the communication of 3 different brands within the same concept, in a way that does not interrupt the experience and the narrative thread of the festival?

For AudiSEAT and Volkswagen, our answer was “Land of time” – a journey into a timeless space, where “time” is measured only in experiences, on the profile of each brand.

Regardless of how we talked about relaxation spaces, water games, couple tattoos, photos and GIFs, all the spaces created and activated were the ingredients of a magical project, just like the realm they were a part of.

And the communication of the project was made starting from the main message “Turn your time into experiences” and its declinations, both on the spot materials and on the dedicated microsite, which brought together all the brands, competitions and experiences, making “Land of time” known to the participants at Neversea festival.