Audi “Land of Quattro”

Client: Audi Romania

Advertising Campaign: Print/TV/Digital

Audi’s challenge was to communicate quattro® through a campaign that interconnects the brand and product characteristics with the regions and areas where the consumer can enjoy the experience offered by the all-wheel drive, regardless of land / terrain or climatic conditions.

The solution was to create a two-stage integrated campaign. Thus, after we submitted to the vote of consumers the regions of Romania that have the potential to become “Home of Quattro”, we designated the winning region and integrated everything in a communication on TV – with the first Audi spot made entirely in Romania – Online and Print, where we emphasized the Audi quattro® experience in Romania.

And the results speak for themselves, with 432,000 views on microsites, 546,000 online views of the TV spot and 8% engagement on Facebook.