Atlantic4 “team in Atlantic Challenge”

Client: Atlantic4

Identity/Digital campaign/ BTL/ Events/Print/ PR & CSR project with support of Kaufland Romania

One of our soul projects, team in Atlantic Challenge, started with a discussion with Andrei Roşu, who set out to form the first team in Romania to cross the Atlantic Ocean aboard a rowing boat, all to gather the funds needed to build, in Copăceni Assemblies, a socio-medical HOSPICE center for children diagnosed with rare or life-limiting diseases.

And we were with the fearless, from the beginning to the end. For this, we dealt with the creation of the team identity, developed a microsite through which we communicated the most important stages of the preparation for the big test, we created contests through which we involved the general public in the story of our cause, fundraising campaigns and we organized press conferences and events.

At the same time, we witnessed the setting of two world records: Crossing the Black Sea in just 11 days – an exercise designed to test the team before the big race and Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 38 days, 14 hours and 32 minutes for a boat of the pure category – adventures we have made sure to follow and communicate step by step.

And with over 500,000 RON raised from donations, 225,000 views on microsites, +150% awareness and increasing engagement on Facebook, we consider this project one of the most valuable.