Mistakes to avoid when developing a communication strategy

When it comes to a communication strategy, the mistakes you make can have negative effects on your marketing campaign. Thus failing to achieve the goals you set in the beginning. To avoid these errors, a full service creative agency can facilitate your work. In the same time, managing to prevent failures, through an effective communication strategy. Below, we have gathered some of the most common shortcomings in terms of communication strategy:

Developing a communication strategy focusing only on the product

Even if the purpose of a campaign is to promote a product, the content should not be just about that. A successful communication strategy must communicate a message to people, with which they can empathize. Whether it is educational, funny, or inspirational content, it must meet the needs of the people. Not just those of the brand. In this regard, a full-service creative agency can turn out to be a real help, as it comes from a different perspective. Specialists can view the product from another angle, distinct from the one you have already approached in a previous communication strategy.

Not choosing a tone of voice

Even if it seems to be an insignificant thing, the tone of voice for an advertisement and especially for an entire strategy must be defined from the very beginning. Why? You may ask. For a clearer and more homogeneous development of the entire process. The tone of voice is what constitutes the personality of a brand. It represents the main factor that will influence the following decisions. If this element is missing from a communication strategy, its course can become disordered and inconsistent. In this way, the brand identity will remain imprecise.

Lack of a specific target

An effective communication strategy must have a very well defined target. You cannot communicate a clear and persuasive message if you do not know to whom it is addressed. In 2021, people are no longer convinced by a smart headline or a funny rhyme. A communication strategy must have a well-defined target, which can empathize with your brand message.

The omission of some communication channels

With the advent of the Internet, communication with the public has become much easier and more practicable. At the same time, it is more competitive. To ensure that your brand reaches as many people as possible, a good strategy must include as many communication channels as possible. Below we have listed three of the most effective but also the most neglected of them:

1. The SEO marketing process

Most of the time, this topic is simply neglected in a communication strategy. But when the content does not reach the targeted audience, we tend to believe that the concept or the idea of the campaign is to blame. There are many ways in which people can discover the content of your brand. In this regard, organic search can work wonders, but if you did not take into account SEO marketing, you will certainly lose a lot of traffic.

2. Social media strategy

We use social media so often and it has become so familiar to us that we tend to not see it as a possible communication channel within the communication strategy. A good social media strategy comes with many benefits: in addition to the fact that a large part of your targeted audience is already on social media, it won’t cost you anything to create a Facebook or Instagram account to promote your product. Of course, if you want to promote your posts, there will be costs, but certainly lower than those of a traditional promotion.

3. The usage of email marketing

No, it is not an outdated technique for an effective strategy. The costs for email marketing are minimal, and its effectiveness is visible when done properly.

These components are vital to an effective communication strategy, but can give a headache to a team that is not accustomed to these techniques. A full service creative agency will not only take care of all, but will certainly improve their effectiveness, since they have more experience in this field.