Influencer marketing – how does it work

In recent years, with the popularization of social networks, the concept of Social Media Influencer has grown. Due to a large number of followers and their ability to persuade, influencers can have a strong impact on public opinion about a particular product or brand.
Influencer marketing is a combination of the old approaches of classic marketing and the new trends that appear every day. Basically, we are talking about a celebrity who supports a brand in an online community on social networks.

How does the influencer marketing process work?

There is an exchange of services between the brand and the influencer. This can be very simple or can take the form of a whole complex process.
Gifts – A simple way to capture the attention of a person with notoriety is to send products, for free. In this situation, the disadvantage is that you cannot decide what will happen next. It is up to the influencer if he wants to support your brand and post content with the products received.
Paid Posts – One of the most used influencer marketing techniques is this. The brand pays for one or more posts about its product.
Takeovers – In this type of deal, the influencer takes over the social media account, usually Instagram, for a day or a few hours, posting about a previously chosen topic. Thus, both the brand and the public person have to gain openness in front of the other’s public.
Collaborations – A much more complex process, but very efficient. Collaborations are usually projects in which the brand delivers products, under the name and design decisions of the influencer.

How effective is the influencer marketing process?

First of all, you need to decide if the scope of your business fits this type of marketing. There are certain areas that have lower compatibility with the world of Instagram, for example.
After that, you need to know how to choose the right influencer for your needs. It must be a person whose posts are relevant to your domain and whose content you appreciate. But, at the same time, you have to be careful with the limitations of your budget, when you choose the person you want to work with. It would be advisable to rely on specialists for analysis and proposals for such a collaboration.

Why do you need an advertising agency in this case?

Choosing the right person online can be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the field. Moreover, the collaboration process between your brand and the influencer can be a difficult one, if you do not know how to approach the situation and what are the parameters of such a contract. Project management has its say. In this case, an advertising agency can help you with solutions for collaborating with an influencer, guiding you to the right choices.

The influencer marketing process can be a benefit for your business if you know how to manage the situation and how to choose the right people to work with.
In order for the process to be easier and to have a higher success rate, you need to turn to a team of professionals who will guide you with such a project.