5 advertising trends that you must consider in the pandemic context

We live in uncertain times. No one can say exactly when and if we will return to the normal we were used to, given that everything we knew about the communication industry changes every day. This also applies to the pandemic advertising trends.

In an international study by Influencer Marketing Hub, 69% of the surveyed brands stated they will limit advertising spending in 2020. A number of 41% intend to maintain or increase their media presence and 74% of respondents said they post less on social media. This highlights the impact of the crisis on the advertising industry. Brands and companies are being forced to re-evaluate their strategies and find solutions to continue.

One thing is clear: society is changing, priorities are changing, and people are beginning to form new habits. And beyond the accelerated transition to the digital era, you’re probably wondering what else you could do next in terms of pandemic advertising strategies.

Here are the things you should consider:

Content – more important than ever

People spend more time in houses and implicitly in front of screens. Now, we need content that satisfies consumers’ desire for novelty. And there is always room for more if the content is relevant to your audience. Be careful though, it’s not the right time to try and sell at any price. You should create an impression for the consumer through any type of content (video, text, live) that informs, helps and entertains.

Brands – promoters of dialogue

Fear is now present in our society. But also is the consumers’ desire to be together and to make purchases. Now is the perfect time to start the conversation with your target. You can organize online events, concerts, conferences, webinars or giveaways. Give your consumers the opportunity to detach themselves. Keep them away from the avalanche of negative information and give them a chance to know you.

Social responsibility – reiterated

In times like these, brands need to rethink their role in society and show their support. We are all going through the same thing and is more important than ever to join forces. Brands can use pandemic advertising efforts to overcome this period and get in touch with consumers. Whether you choose to support a cause or offer your services to a charity, these things are appreciated and remembered. This way you show people that you care. And it is also a great opportunity to gain trust and respect.

Flexibility – a must

It is important to always keep an eye on the numbers and what is happening outside your “bubble”. Be prepared to change and to adjust every campaign you develop, in real-time. Work from home provided us with more flexibility. People are giving up on the classic 9:00 to 17:00, which gives you the opportunity to get in touch online almost any time of the day.

Traditional advertising – in decline

As a result of social distance measures, consumers spend less time on the street and in public places. This has affected advertising in print publications, events, OOHs, and BTLs. Digital advertising is growing year by year. Now brands are “forced” by circumstances to make the transition faster, moving the game online. If you haven’t done it yet, now is the time to develop some digital campaigns. You can interact with the consumer, making your brand visible in this medium as well.

Therefore, in times of crisis, you should consider adapting some pandemic advertising strategies for your brand to keep going. Eventually, things will be better, and your consumers will remember your actions.