Full-service creative agency – 3 reasons to choose one

A full-service creative agency provides you with a lot of options. From full-service agencies focused on creative concepts or a niche of branding, design and even digital services. Of course, you are probably thinking of organizing a pitch. But even so, you are in the situation of selecting only a few agencies to invite them to the negotiating table.

There are many things to consider. From the size of the agency, team, projects and previous clients, to the style of work and other organizational issues. But until then, here are some reasons why you should consider a creative full-service advertising agency when you’re ready to start a new collaboration or make a change:

You want to make a good first impression

It is no longer a secret that we live in information-laden times. There is a continuous struggle for every second of our attention, on all fronts. The brands have to venture into this war, where they can be victorious, only if they have that “wow factor”. That thing catches the consumer’s eye and holds it long enough for the message to be conveyed. This is possible with the help of creative ideas. These should be based on a real insight that is translated into memorable visuals and impactful headlines. A creative, full-service creative agency can offer you these things because it has the exercise of creating ideas that meet objectives. Plus, they always start with the strategy.

You want to be different

When you don’t have a unique selling proposition and you can’t change the product or service you’re selling, the most effective way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is through advertising. However, often similar brands risk having a similar type of communication, which inevitably attracts consumer indifference.

The solution?

The collaboration with a full-service creative agency that is willing to invest time and effort in looking at things from different perspectives, overcoming the barriers of stock clichés. Thus, you can be sure that the proposals received will be creative and original in the context of the brand and campaign you develop. But, most importantly, different from those of your competitors.

You want to have a 360 communication

Any agency, you work with, must understand your brand very well and take into account the elements that define it, when developing promoting campaigns. But when there are several teams working at the same time, there is a danger that everyone will focus on what they have to do. This way, losing or simply not even taking into account the bigger picture. Therefore, make sure you choose a full-service creative agency that has the experience and expertise to develop unitary concepts and campaigns. Starting from strategy, paying attention to the creation and last but not least, the implementation of ideas as they were thought. This is important as it gives consistency to your brand communication and gives the consumer a chance to recognize you.

And how do you know that a full-service creative agency is really creative?

It’s simple. Evaluate the advertising campaigns created and implemented over time. Like us, be careful that the ideas meet 4 criteria at the same time:

            1. Relevance – for the brand and for the consumers.

            2.Originality– from the perspective of the message to be communicated and the execution.

            3. Impact – the ability of the advertising product to attract attention and convey the message.

            4. ROI – return on investment

In conclusion, before you decide which agency you want to work with, make sure that it can provide you everything you need in terms of communication solutions. It is important that your brand will differentiate from your competition, and it will be memorable from the beginning.